Ten ways ISMS fail

These are symptoms that you need O-ISM3 SECBOK because your ISMS is failing:

  • When certain people go on leave or get sick, performance is affected.
  • Audits are painful and it takes a significant effort to pass successfully.
  • Changes in the ways things are done are difficult and slow to implement.
  • The same errors are made over and over again.
  • More than 20% of the time of the team is used trying to determine what to do or how to do it.
  • It is no infrequent to enter discussions with other teams about who is responsible for what.
  • The available Metrics do not reflect the performance of the team or the level of security.
  • Magic bullets are tried by management on a monthly basis and forgotten shortly after.
  • New workflow software was supposed to solve all management issues. Instead, it has introduced issues of its own.
  • Your ISMS is certified, but you are conscious that this wouldn't prevent a serious incident from happening.

If you have any of this symptoms, I would love to show you how O-ISM3 SECBOK could help you getting rid of all of them...